Crisis Move or a Planned Move?

Melinda's story continued... Melinda remembers; "sitting in my parents' home and seeing all the things they had accumulated over 54 years together and wondering how I can take care of this -- what do I do now??" Melinda called us to help organize and thoughtfully downsize her parents possessions. And was very pleased to learn that we could coordinate all of the other details too, including selling her parents home. We and our team of service providers helped her family through what could have been a very stressful, chaotic transition. 

Betty and Dan's story continued... As in Melinda's case, Betty and Dan didn't know where to begin. We provided a personalized plan to help them prepare for their move, detailing all of the steps to help them reach their goal of being closer to their grandchildren. We coordinated all of the necessary expert service providers for a successful, stress-free sale and move. Betty and Dan were in total control of their move plan at all times. 

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