A positive about downsizing: a trip down memory lane.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Walk Through

The home you live in, the one you’ve worked for and spent tireless hours in doing do-it-yourself projects is something you should be proud of. It is the place you have built your life in and, in a way, your home tells a story. That story is the story that shape your memories. The memories of when the first “sold” sign was placed on the front lawn—signaling your recent purchase; the holidays you spent there with children and their children; the backyard barbecue with the neighbors. Each of these stories lie within the walls of the home that has housed your life.

When we work with a client, after we have laid the foundation of getting to know YOU, we then take the next step, a very enjoyable trip down memory lane. By meeting you in the home that tells your story, we take our relationship of realtor and client to a different level. We love this part, because it this place is where all the joy was shared, sorrow was healed, and your life was built. Gratefully, this part of the process allows us the opportunity to take a small part in that story.

Through an in-home visitation, we get the wonderful opportunity of getting to know you on a deeper level, by increasing our awareness of who you are so that we can assist in finding the best fit for your transition. We won’t rush the process either, because this is the time to learn, to grow together, and to find exactly what it is that makes you who you are.

When we laid the foundation, we said we wanted to get to know YOU—and we do. We discussed anything you wanted to tell us about your family, your interests, your service time, whatever you felt like sharing. Now, during our walk through, we want to build on that. We love seeing pictures of the family members you mentioned, seeing the family pet that everyone loved and adored, and the hobbies you partook in while writing your story within the walls of your home. This will help us to take our relationship to a deeper level and help us to personalize a plan for the transition to your next adventure.

Moving from a home that has meant so much in your life is not an easy thing—and we will never act like it is. But, through careful consideration, a personalized approach, and a deep understanding of who you are we can help to make that transition easier. We love trips down memory lane and we hope you love telling and re-telling those stories. The beauty of making the type of move—the right move—that we will assist you with, is that you can now begin a new adventure, creating new memories. These new memories will carry you through this next phase of your life, for more wonderful stories to share with those you love.

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